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Burn It Up, Burn It Off

  We all know that Salsa is great for getting up and moving.  It’s especially good for some of us who are otherwise susceptible to boredom eating. I find whenever I decline cake or chocolate (using up every ounce of willpower), people tell me “don’t worry, you’ll dance it off!” But some of these foods […]

In Defence of the “Bah” Dancer…

An article has been circulating the salsa scene at the moment, which has me a little agitated. “Why ‘Social’ Dancers are Killing Salsa”: “People in the Bah! [“basic and happy”] cycle have achieved a certain rudimentary level of Salsa, they’ve made new friends and learned that they can enjoy themselves “dancing” without putting in too […]

Top 10 best female salsa dancers! Number 1 is my favourite! – Penny

Thanks to: http://danceplanetdaily.com/best-female-salsa-mambo-dancers/ Welcome! Disclaimer: Our list is based on a combination of social dancing skill and performance ability. Being a great Salsa/Mambo dancer is much more than performing the mechanics of the dance, and being able to do 1000 turn patterns…it also means having an emotional connection to the music, and effectively communicating those […]

Take me away

Ooph, take a look at these amazing places, 10 Beautiful Places In The World That Actually Exist.  Nice to see Australia feature at #9. So adios Sydney, hello magical new realms…

A little bit of niceness

Sometimes I wonder why I bother being nice.  Sometimes I hear others vocalise this. So if anyone is feeling this way now, I hope this video answers the question. To everyone else, enjoy this feel-good video!  I hope you feel inspired to take a little time to do something nice for someone today. (Who would’ve guessed […]