Top 10 best female salsa dancers! Number 1 is my favourite! – Penny

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Welcome! Disclaimer: Our list is based on a combination of social dancing skill and performance ability. Being a great Salsa/Mambo dancer is much more than performing the mechanics of the dance, and being able to do 1000 turn patterns…it also means having an emotional connection to the music, and effectively communicating those feelings to your dance partner or audience through body movement.  The individuals on our list are dancers that we would pay money to watch dance.  And we don’t mean at a congress or event where EVERYBODY and their mama gets to perform. True salseros understand what we’re saying.  We know that there is no “best” salsa dancer and that dancing (much like art and beauty) is subjective.

10 – Liz Lira – The female Flash.  I doubt anyone can spin faster than Lira.  She has been a regular on the salsa competition circuit, so she dances with incredible precision.

9 – Yesenia Peralta –  Influential talent.  Inspiring the world through dance and her battle with multiple sclerosis.

8 – Amneris Martinez – Has performed often with Juan Matos and doesn’t take a backseat to his greatness.  Phenomenal dancer.

7 – Edie “The Salsa Freak” Williams – One of the more popular salseras in the world due to a web/social media footprint and her writing skills.  Edie is also one of the few exceptional dancers who has the ability to effectively teach salsa.

6 – Amaryllis Cintron – Is not as well known as others on the list, but that’s ok. recognizes the skills.

5 – Shani Talmor – Oustanding performer.  Periodically seen performing with Eddie Torres. Smooth and solid.

4 – Griselle Ponce – Fierce. She attacks the dance floor with hips and high energy.

3 – Ana Masacote – A natural.  Superior dancer that can follow any lead imaginable with her own unique style.

2- Magna Gopal – Self taught sensation.  Well known for her ability to spin like a toy top on ice.  Magna is one of the most popular salseras in the world, and for good reason…she’s an amazing dancer.  Looks like your cute, Indian girl next door…until she gets on the dance floor and you realize your neighbor never danced like her!

1 – Alien Ramirez – A master of her craft.  Brilliant performer.  She can effortlessly improv with any salsero alive.  Versatile. She can be smooth or sassy.  Sexy or subdued.  She can do acrobatic tricks/flips or basic beginner styling with equal elegance and grace.  Like a salsa super-heroine, she has no mambo weaknesses.  Best of all…she always looks like she’s having a hell of a lot of fun dancing.  Alien is our choice for #1.

Honorable Mention: Amanda Estilo, Maricza Valentin, Joby Brava, Maria Torres,  Jennifer Silva, Duplessy Walker,  Jorjet Alcocer.